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Releasedatum: 28-10-2013
Herkomst: NL
Item-nr: 3153403
EAN: 3760138170972
Levertijd: 3 a 5 werkdagen


Na de eerste uitvoering in 1745 bracht Händel nog vele revisies in het dramatische relaas van de Babylonische koning Belshazzar aan. Specialist William Christie bestudeerde zorgvuldig alle varianten en stelde daaruit de meest coherente versie samen. Die wordt op buitengewoon fraaie wijze vertolkt door Les Arts Florissants en een groot aantal solisten waar zij de afgelopen decennia mee werkten voor de eerste release op Christie’s eigen label: Les Arts Florissant Editions. Ook de geluidskwaliteit en de vormgeving zijn tot in de puntjes verzorgd, waardoor deze Belshazzar tot een van de beste Händel-releases van dit jaar behoort met een indrukwekkende Allan Clayton in de titelrol.

Handel: Belshazzar

Allan Clayton (Belshazzar, King of Babylon), Rosemary Joshua (Nitocris), Iestyn Davies (Daniel, Hebrew Prophet), Caitlin Hulcup (Cyrus: Persian Prince), Jonathan Lemalu (Gobrias, Assyrian Nobleman), Jean-Yves Ravoux (Arioch, Babylonian Lord), Geoffroy Buffière, Thibaut Lenaerts, Michael-Loughlin Smith, Damian Witheley

Les Arts Florissants, William Christie
A new label by an Artist for the Artists; an outstanding first release.

“Belshazzar was first performed in 1745, under difficult conditions. Ever the pragmatist, Handel did not hesitate to revise his work to adapt to the various constraints of the premiere and its subsequent revivals. Surprisingly unscrupulous, he frequently accepted the most dreadful compromises involving mutilating cuts, transpositions, sacrificing his inspiration in order to facilitate a performance. For this recording we have chosen what we consider to be the most successful of the various versions of Belshazzar given in his lifetime, resulting in the restoration of the piece in all its splendour, with the best of the music and a coherent libretto. I am particularly pleased that the first production for our new label does justice to a libretto whose subject is so relevant today: the decline of a once glorious society and the ephemeral nature of Empire. In Belshazzar everything hits the spot: the emotional power, the vivid imagery, the contemporary resonance. How could one not be struck by the majestic architecture of the choruses; by the characterisation of Belshazzar himself, irascible, alcoholic, affronting the divine word? Andwho could not be deeply moved by Nicrotis’grief at witnessing the downfall of her son, or by the extraordinary complicity that develops between herself and Cyrus, the conquering King of the persians? From beginning to end the piece is carried along by Jennen’s humanity and the universality of Handel’s music. I have opted for a very fine and entirely Anglophone cast. All of us had our hearts set on restoring the dramatic force and emotional power to this magnificent music. Other considerations influenced our choice — the very scale of Belshazzar made it possible to draw on a large number of musicians and singers who have been part of Les Arts Florissants for many ears, ensuring the recording bears the unmistakeable stamp of the company” William Christie

Bonus Essay by Jean Echenoz: In Babylon

A specially commissioned work which draws the reader deep into the ancient, majestic city, the seat of power of Belshazzar the King. Printed apart on special paper and included in the boxset, alongside the regular booklet.
Recensent : Redactie
Datum : 17-11-2013
verschenen in Platomania : 303


    Disc 1
  1. Ouvertüre
  2. Arioso Accompagnato: Vain Fluctuating State Of Human Empire! (1. Akt)
  3. Arie: Thou, God Most High, And Thou Alone
  4. Rezitativ: The Fate Of Babylon, I Fear, Is Night
  5. Arie: Lament Not Thus, O Queen, In Vain!
  6. Chor: Behold By Persia's Hero Made
  7. Rezitativ: Well May They Laugh, From Meagre Famine Safe - Oh Memory
  8. Arie: Oppest With Never Ceasing Grief
  9. Arie: Dry Those Unavailing Tears
  10. Rezitativ: Be Comforted: Dafe Tho'the Tyrant Seem - Methought, As On The Bank Of Deep Euphrates - Now Tell Me Gobrias
  11. Arie: Behold The Monstrous Human Beast - Rezitativ: Can You Then Think It Strange, If Drown's In Wine
  12. Arie: Great God! Who Yet But Darkly Known - Rezitativ: My Friends, Be Confident, And Boldly Enter
  13. Chor: All Empires Upon God Depend
  14. Arioso: O Sacred Oracles Of Truth!
  15. Accompagnato: Rejoice, My Countrymen: The Time Draws Near - Rezitativ: For Long Ago - Accompagnato: Thus Saith The Lord
  16. Chor: Sing, O Ye Heav'ns, For The Lord Hath Done It
  17. Disc 3
  18. Arie: O God Of Truth! O Faithful Guide! - Rezitativ: You, Gobrias, Lead Directly To The Palace
  19. Chor: O Glorious Prince! Thrice Happy They
  20. Arie: Alternate Hopes And Fears Distract My Mind - Rezitativ: Fain Would I Hope. Is There Not Room To Hope? (3. Akt)
  21. Arie: Can The Black Æthiop Change His Skin? - Rezitativ: My Hopes Revive, Here Arioch Comes: By This
  22. Chor: Bel Boweth Down! Nebo Stoopeth!
  23. Arie: I Thank Thee, Sesach, The Sweet Pow'r - A Martial Symphony
  24. Arie: To Pow'r Immortal My First Thanks Are Due - Rezitativ: Be It Thy Are, Good Gorias, To Find Out
  25. Arie: Destructive War Thy Limits Know
  26. Duett: Great Victor, At Your Feet I Bow - Rezitativ: Say, Venerable Prophet, Is There Ought
  27. Chor: Tell It Out Among The Heathen, That The Lord Is King
  28. Acompagnato: Yes, I Will Build The City, God Of Israel
  29. Anthem: I Will Magnify Thee, O God My King
    Disc 2
  1. Arie: Let Festal Joy Triumphant Reign - Rezitativ: For You, My Friends, The Nobles Of My Court
  2. Arie: The Leafy Honours Of The Feld
  3. Rezitativ: It Is The Custom, I May Say, The Law
  4. Chor: Recall, O King, The Rash Command
  5. Rezitativ: They Tell You True, Nor Can You Be To Learn
  6. Duett: O Dearer Than My Life, Forbear
  7. Chor: By Slow Degrees The Wrath Of God To Its Meridian Height Ascends
  8. Chor: See, From His Post Euphrates Flies! - Why Faithless River Dost Thou Leave... (2. Akt)
  9. Rezitativ: You See, My Friends, A Path Into The City - Arie: Amaz'd Find The Foe So Near...
  10. Chor: Ye Tutelar Gods Of Our Empire, Look Down
  11. Arie: Let The Deep Bowl Thy Praise Confees
  12. Accompagnato: Where Us The God Of Judah's Boasted Pow'r?
  13. Rezitativ: Call All Our Wismen, Sorcerers, Chaldens
  14. Rezitativ: Ye Sages, Welcome Always To Your King - Trio: Alas! Too Hard A Task The King Imposes - Chor: O Misery!...
  15. Rezitativ: O King, Live For Ever! - Art Thou That Daniel, Of The Jewish Captives? - Arie: No, To Thyself Thy Trifles Be
  16. Accompagnato: Yet To Obey His Dread Command - Thou, O King, Hast Lifted Up Thyself...
  17. Arie: Regard, O Son, My Flowing Tears