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Disc 1
1. Reveren Black Grape
2. In The Name Of The Father
3. Tramazi Parti
4. Kelly's Heroes
5. Yeah Yeah Brother
6. A Big Day In The North
7. Shake Well Before Opening
8. Submarine
9. Shake Your Money
10. Little Bob
Disc 2
1. Tramazi Parti
2. Shake Well Before Opening
3. Little Bob
4. Kelly's Heroes
5. Shake Your Money
6. A Big Day In The North
7. England's Irie
8. Yeah Yeah Brother (Outlaw Josie Wales Mix)
9. Kelly's Heroes (Milky Bar Kid Mix)
10. Fat Neck (Beat The Fuck Down Mix By Goldie)
11. Reverend Black Grape (The Crystal Method Edit)
12. Pretty Vacant (Live)
13. In The Name Of The Father (Choppers Mix)
14. Yeah Yeah Brother (Clockwork Orange Mix)
15. Reverend Black Grape (Dark Side Mix)
16. England's Irie (Pass The Durazac)
17. Land Of 1000 Karma Sutra Babes