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Disc 1
1. Party Line (Stereo Mix)
2. Rosy Won't You Please Come Home (Mono Mix)
3. Dandy (Stereo Mix)
4. Too Much On My Mind (Stereo Mix)
5. Session Man (Mono Mix)
6. Rainy Day In June (Stereo Mix)
7. House In The Country (Mono Mix)
8. Holiday In Waikiki (Stereo Mix)
9. Most Exclusive Residence For Sale (Stereo Mix)
10. Fancy (Stereo Mix)
11. Little Miss Queen Of Darkness (Stereo Mix)
12. You're Looking Fine (Stereo Mix)
13. Sunny Afternoon (Mono Mix)
14. I'll Remember (Mono Mix)
15. I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Mono Mix)
16. Dead End Street (Mono Mix)
17. Big Black Smoke (Stereo Mix)
18. Mr. Pleasant
19. This Is Where I Belong (Mono Mix)
20. Mr. Reporter (Ray Davies Vocal Version)
21. Little Women (Backing Track)