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vinylkrat voor 7inches. Eikenhout.

After several years of requests from the vinyl loving community, Music Box Designs is proud to present our latest vinyl storage line: The 7 inch vinyl storage Music Box.

And, in honor of the late Pete Shelley we have decided to refer to these beauties as ‘Singles Going Steady.’

In 1949, RCA Victor unveiled its latest invention, the 45 rpm 7 inch Vinyl Record in an effort to compete with Columbia Records newly developed 33 1/3 12 inch disc. Time constraints aside, what RCA unleashed on the world of recorded music was the perfect vehicle for the burgeoning youth market, who could now easily own the latest musical dispatches from their favorite artists, in a convenient and affordable medium.

Seventy years later, the 45 or 7 inch record has remained a staple of the vinyl collecting community. From highly valuable pressings of the world’s greatest songs to rare independent recordings of artists utilizing the format to put out “non-album” outtakes or live recordings as a gift for their fans, the 7 inch collector is a dedicated and specialized breed and they deserve to store those precious discs in the best way possible. And as with our 12 inch Vinyl Storage boxes, we have designed what we believe to be the most beautiful, and durable 7 inch storage available.

Our 7 Inch Vinyl Storage Music Box has been constructed of the same edge glued Oak of our 12 inch Music Boxes. The 45 degree mitered joints have been reinforced by an internal series of wooden dowels for even greater structural integrity. The internal dimensions of the Music Box have been carefully considered to allow for a perfect fit of single records and even some 7 inch box sets. The tops of the records do not stick out, so it is possible to stack the boxes on top of each other, and the convenient handles make moving our 7 inch Music Box easy as pie.

Oiled Oak Finish Can hold up to 138 7 inch records

External Dimensions:

Height- 21.3cm

Length- 30 cm

Width- 23.1 cm

Weight: 2.76 kg

Internal Dimensions:

Depth- 19.5cm

Length- 27 cm

Width- 20cm
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