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2022 will be 30 years since the birth of what became known as Britpop with the release of Blur’s Popscenesingle in March 1992 closely followed by Suede’s single The Drowners in May 1992, which are both widely considered to be the best early examples of the genre. The term ‘Britpop’ was not used to describe such music until 1993 but over the next few years Britpop developed as a hugely significant, musical, cultural and social phenomenon in the UK. The book’s Introduction examines the cultural and social aspects of Britpop in some detail, as well as the musical ones. This superb book provides a timely guide to the significant Britpop artists and their recordings as well as several less well known ones. It contains detailed discographies, line-up data, biographies, analysis of their music, a rarity scale, details of the main various artists’ compilations covering Britpop and a list of 110 Recommended Albums. The book also has postscript sections covering the main post-Britpop bands and some subsequent Britpop revival bands as well.

The Britpop Bible is part of a trilogy of books Vernon has written about UK music following the ‘Two Volume Tapestry Of Delights’ (2014) and ‘A Sharp Shock To The System’ (2019). The numbered, limited edition of 1,000 copies across 728 b&w pages is profusely illustrated and also contains 16 pages of full colour illustrations. There is currently nothing similar in print like this!
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