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Label: ALPHA
Releasedatum: 01-03-2022
Herkomst: NL
Item-nr: 4359932
EAN: 3760014197802
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Disc 1
1. I. "symphony"
2. Ii. "from Those Serene And Rapturous Joys"
3. Iii. "behold The Indulgent Prince Is Come"
4. Iv. "welcome Home"
5. V. "not With An Helmet Or A Glittering Spear"
6. "allegro Vivace"
7. Vii "welcome As Soft Refreshing Showers"
8. Viii. "welcome Home"
9. Ix. "welcome, More Welcome Does He Come"
10. X. "nor Does The Sun More Comfort Bring"
11. Xi. "with Trumpets And Shouts We Receive The World's Wonder"
12. I. "symphony"
13. Ii. "fly, Bold Rebellion"
14. Iii. "the Plot Is Displayed"
15. Iv. "then With Heart And With Voice"
16. V. "rivers From Their Channels Turned"
17. Vi "for Majesty Moves"
18. Vii. "if Then We've Found The Want Of His Rays"
19. Viii. "but Kings, Like The Sun"
20. Ix. "but Heaven Has Now Dispelled Those Fears"
21. X. "come Then, Change Your Notes"
22. Xi. "but With Heart And With Voice"
23. Xii. "be Welcome Then, Great Sir"
24. Xiii. "welcome To All Those Wishes Fulfilled"
25. I. "why, Why Are All The Muses Mute?"
26. Ii. "symphony"
27. Iii. "when Should Each Soul Exalted Be"
28. Iv. "but When For Caesar's Welcome We Prepare?"
29. V. "britain, Thou Now Art Great"
30. Vi. "look Up, And To Our Isle Returning See"
31. Vii. "great Caesar's Reign With Conquest Did Begin"
32. Viii. "accursed Rebellion Reared His Head"
33. Ix. "so Jove, Scarce Settled In His Sky"
34. X. "caesar For Milder Virtues Honour'd More"
35. Xi. "the Many-Headed Beast Is Quelled At Home"
36. Xii. "in The Equal Balance Laid"
37. Xiii. "the Glory Of Earth And The Darling Of Heaven!"