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Complete Edition
Full 16-Track Edition - All 16 Tracks from the Japanese Deluxe CD Version of the Album
Double Vinyl LP
LP1 on Red Vinyl
LP2 on Green Vinyl
Gatefold Package
New Cover Art
Two 12" x 12" Art Booklets
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Disc 1
1. Invisible
2. All Of You
3. Give It All Up (Feat. Tove Lo)
4. Anniversary
5. Future Past
6. Velvet Newton
7. Beautiful Lies
8. Tonight United
Disc 2
1. Wing
2. Nothing Less
3. Track 14
4. Hammerhead (Feat. Ivorian Doll)
5. Invocation
6. More Joy! (Feat. Chai)
7. Five Years
8. Falling (Feat. Mike Garson)