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Jack White triple vinyl collectors set housed in a box and featuring his two hit albums from 2022 Fear of The Dawn / Entering Heaven Alive plus a bonus disc of live tracks from White's already legendary 2021 performance on Damien Hirst's balcony in Soho, London.

Back in April Mr White dropped the first of two albums promised for 2022. Fear Of The Dawn - as we said - came out all guns blazing as he seemed to rip up his own rule book and put it back together with some serious riffs, killer tunes and some exceptional studio magic. Like The Stooges in a cosmic glam punch up with Funkadelic it's completely wonky, thunderous and a whole lot of fun. Then in July we got Entering Heaven Alive where our Jack turned back to what we all know and love but still with just enough slant to elevate himself above everyone else. Here he turns his machines off and drops track after track of undisputed gold. It's still got it's left field surprises though - check the outstanding 'I've Got You Surrounded (With My Love)' for proof of that.

He basically made two albums that any other artist or band would kill for just one of! Just a talented young man and an absolute don.

Oh yeah - he opened a Third Man store in London's Soho too. A truly wonderful place we couldn't recommend more. On it's opening day he surprised everyone with a five song set from Damien Hurst's balcony, ripping through 'Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground', 'Lazaretto', 'Steady, As She Goes', 'We're Going To Be Friends' and 'Seven Nation Army' which are all included on this very special release. If you were there, you'll know how fantastic it was. Didn't get shut down either. Magic.
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