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Vinticious Versions is the successful and stunning in-betweener of De Staat, originally released in 2014. For the first time released on green vinyl, first tiem colored even. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide and one print run.

Where ICON combined instruments in such a way that you don’t immediately recognize which instrument you’re hearing, frontman Torre Florim described it as “very much guitar driven but weirder”, ‘Vinictious Versions’ takes you on another journey altogether. Made up of re-worked versions of their own songs off of their previous three albums ‘ICON’ (2013), ‘Machinery’ (2011) and ‘Wait for Evolution’ (2009) the EP takes you on a trip down an alternative pathway with familiar surroundings…something that is a little more “dark and delicious” according to Florim.

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide and one print run on green vinyl.
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Disc 1
1. Get It Together
2. Build That, Buy That
3. Input Source Select
4. Down Town
5. All Is Dull
6. Devil's Blood
7. Sweatshop
8. Wait For Evolution