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With socially insightful lyrics and an adept ability to progress their sound and experiment between the diverse genres that shape them as a band, Nothing But Thieves are making a statement return, marking an innovative new chapter with their fourth record ‘Dead Club City’.

Through their forthcoming 11-track album, the band showcase their city-sized members only club ‘Dead Club City’. The album's tracklist is formed by different characters and story arcs from in and around the city. Is it a shared consciousness? Another planet? The next corporate wasteland? Heaven? Or somewhere else?

Disc 1
1A Welcome to the DCC
2A Overcome
3A Tomorrow Is Closed
4A Keeping You Around
1B City Haunts
2B Do You Love Me Yet?
3B Members Only
4B Green Eyes :: Siena
Disc 2
1A Foreign Language
2A Talking To Myself
3A Pop The Balloon
4A Oh No :: He Said What? (deluxe track)
1B Time :: Fate :: Karma :: God (deluxe track)
2B Pure You (deluxe track)
3B Overcome Stripped (deluxe track)
4B Tomorrow Is Closed Stripped (deluxe track)
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Disc 1
1. Welcome To The Dcc
2. Overcome
3. Tomorrow Is Closed
4. Keeping You Around
5. City Haunts
6. Do You Love Me Yet?
7. Members Only
8. Green Eyes :: Siena
Disc 2
1. Foreign Language
2. Talking To Myself
3. Pop The Balloon
4. Oh No :: He Said What?
5. Time :: Fate :: Karma :: God
6. Pure You
7. Overcome - Stripped
8. Tomorrow Is Closed - Stripped