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Sabrina Carpenter - "emails i can't send" - On her anxiously awaited fifth full-length album, emails i can't send, Sabrina Carpenter showcases ultra-personal songwriting and passionate, palpable performances. With "skinny dipping," "Fast Times" and her latest release "Vicious," a '90s pop-rock songcraft with an intoxicating dose of 21st century feels, Carpenter offers her most vulnerable work to date.

Emails I Can't Send (1:44)
Vicious (2:29)
Read Your Mind (3:27)
Tornado Warnings (3:24)
Because I Liked A Boy (3:16)
Already Over (2:50)
How Many Things (4:03)
Bet U Wanna (3:11)
Nonsense (2:43)
Fast Times (2:54)
Skinny Dipping (2:57)
Bad For Business (3:08)
Decode (3:08)
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Disc 1
1. Emails I Can't Send
2. Vicious
3. Read Your Mind
4. Tornado Warnings
5. Because I Liked A Boy
6. Already Over
7. How Many Things
8. Bet U Wanna
9. Nonsense
10. Fast Times
11. Skinny Dipping
12. Bad For Business
13. Decode