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Releasedatum: 09-08-2024
Herkomst: NL
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For the very first time on vinyl: the legendary show in its entirety!

Live music is fleeting. You can't touch it, hold it, smell it or taste it, and what you see and hear one second is gone the next. Live albums, however, are forever. For those in attendance, they allow the ability to relive an aural moment in time, and for the rest of us, it's the ultimate souvenir, a time-stamped milestone that captures an artist/band as they were. In Savatage's case, "Japan Live '94" captures a crucially important and significant tour for a band that, after experiencing gut-wrenching tragedy and massive personnel changes, was on undeniably shaky ground but stood tall, nonetheless. It was the first stop on a trip that ultimately forge onward to Sarajevo and Siberia - a journey that, 30 years later, has no end in sight.

This double LP marks the first time in audio form that the show is available in its entirety with all 16 songs.

All songs newly mastered for vinyl. With brand new liner notes and enhanced artwork including rare memorabilia.
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Disc 1
1. Taunting Cobras
2. Edge Of Thorns
3. Chance
4. Conversation Piece
5. Nothin' Going On
6. He Carves His Stone
7. Jesus Saves
8. Watching You Fall
9. Castles Burning
Disc 2
1. All That I Bleed
2. Stare Into The Sun
3. Damien
4. Handful Of Rain
5. Sirens
6. Gutter Ballet
7. Hall Of The Mountain King