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Disc 1
1. Gotta Get You In My Garden, Girl
2. A Lot To Do
3. Not Just A Flower In Your Hair
4. In The Land Of The Bubblegum Tree
5. I'll Push You For An Answer
6. Don't Waste Your Love On Me
7. National Disaster
8. Long Ago
9. The Time Is Nigh
10. Play That Record
11. Been A Sad Day
12. It's Too Late
Disc 2
1. A Perfect Way To Spend A Day
2. Sound Of A Backstreet
3. We Will Be There After Tea
4. Sweet Elaine
5. Not Just A Flower In Your Hair
6. Peruquine Thomas
7. Snowflakes On Amsterdam
8. Sunny Side Of Mable Block
9. Water And White Marble
10. Lily Of The Valley
11. Love In Jeopardy
12. A Little Bit Today (A Little Bit Tomorrow)