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Disc 1
1. The Phunky Feel One
2. How I Could Just Kill A Man
3. Hand On The Pump
4. Real Estate
5. Pigs
6. We Ain't Goin'out Like That
7. I Wanna Get High
8. Lick A Shot
9. Throw Your Set In The Air (Album Version)
10. Throw Your Set In The Air (Club Version)
11. Killa Hill
12. Illusions (Lp Version)
Disc 2
1. Insane In The Brain
2. When The Ship Goes Down
3. Illusions (Muggs Version)
4. Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Lp Version)
5. Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees Mix Version)
6. Tequila Sunrise
7. Dr Greenthumb
8. Audio X
9. Latin Thugs
10. Rap Superstar
11. Lowrider