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Someone is de naam waaronder multi-disciplinaire artiest Tessa Rose Jackson psychedelische popmuziek en kunst uitbrengt. Onlangs kwam haar debuut-plaat ORBIT II uit, een verzameling van eerder uitgebracht werk en kersverse songs, samengebracht op turquoise vinyl met speciale kunst uitgave.

Someone (the moniker for Dutch/British artist Tessa Rose Jackson) creates a sensuous, playful brand of psychedelic pop music. She fuses it together with the abstract visual art she also makes, welcoming the viewer into her world of sound and vision.
Her first full-length album "ORBIT II" is set for release on June 20th through [PIAS] and is a collection of previously released tracks and brand new ones. It also includes 5 Augmented Reality artworks that come to life when using the free "ORBIT" app.

Side A
1 The Deep
2 Pull It Together
3 Once More, With Feeling
4 Suzy Dance
5 Two Satellites
6 You Live In My Phone

Side B
1 Braver Times
2 I Can't Remember How To Talk To You
3 Day's Gonna Come
4 Playground Love
5 From Here
6 Forget Forgive
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