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Disc 1
1. Sweet Lorraine - 1940 (C. Burwell, M. Parish)
2. Honey Hush (N. Cole)
3. Jack The Bellboy (L. Hampton)
4. Dough-Ra-Me (L. Hampton, N. Cole, T. Southern)
5. Jivin' With Jarvis (L. Hampton)
6. Blue Because Of You (L. Dunlap, Q. Wilson, C. Carpenter)
7. This Side Up (N. Cole)
8. Honeysuckle Rose (T. Waller, A. Razaf)
9. Gone With The Draft (N. Cole, W. Prince, Dramin)
10. Slow Down (R. Evans)
11. Babs (F.e. Ahlert, J. Young)
12. Early Morning Blues (N. Cole)
13. Scotchin' With The Soda (J. Riley)
14. This Will Make You Laugh (I. Higginbotham)
15. I Like To Riff (N. Cole)
16. That Ain't Right (N. Cole)
17. Call The Police (N. Cole)1
18. Hit That Jive Jack (M. Tobert, L. Aiston)
19. Straighten Up And Fly Right (N. Cole)
20. Body And Soul - 1942 (J. Green, E. Heyman, R. Sour, F. Eyton)
21. Indiana (J.f. Hanley, B. Mcdonald)
22. I'm Lost (O. Rene)
23. My Lips Remember Your Kisses (R. Sherman, May, Siegel)
24. Jumpin' At Capitol (N. Robinson)
25. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (D. Redman, A. Razaf)
26. If You Can't Smile And Say Yes (T. Rodgers, Jordan)
27. Embraceable You (G. Et I. Gershwin)
28. It's Only A Paper Moon (H. Arlen, E. Y. Harburg, B. Rose)
29. I Just Can't See For Lookin' (N. Robinson, A. Stanford)
30. The Man I Love (G. Et I. Gershwin)
31. Prelude In C Sharp Minor (D'apr,s S.v. Rachmaninov)
32. Body And Soul
33. 1944 (J. Green, E. Heyman, R. Sour, F. Eyton) What Is This Thing Called Love? (C. Porter) Easy
34. 1943 (C. Burwell, M. Parish)